Hawaii Dual Diagnosis

Hawaii dual diagnosis treatmentAfter years of study in this area, substance abuse professionals have become aware that mental illness and drug or alcohol abuse go hand in hand in a lot of cases. This reality complicates treatment if the drug rehab center is incapable of diagnosing and treating a drug addiction and a mental illness at the same time. When people are only treated for one condition or the other, their treatment plans are not as effective as they need to be.

The Hawaii dual diagnosis rehab center can determine whether or not a patient has a mental illness that is driving the drug addiction. It may also be the case that the drug addiction preceded the mental illness, and the Hawaii dual diagnosis rehab center can address this issue as well.

When patients first appear at the treatment center, they will meet with on-staff psychiatrists who diagnose the mental illnesses that commonly accompany drug addiction, such as depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders, schizophrenia and personality disorders. It’s at the beginning of their stay in rehab that they also are asked to be completely honest about all of the drugs they have been taking.

After the initial evaluation, patients in Hawaii dual diagnosis rehab centers can begin the detoxification process. During this time, they will experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that the doctors and nurses will treat with medicines that are non-addictive. After this process is over, patients will receive counseling with their therapists to help them cope with their lives with a dual diagnosis.

How Drug Addiction and Mental Illness Are Treated

Hawaii dual diagnosis rehab centers treat both the drug addiction and the mental illness separately, but they also know that they need to consider these two conditions as one co-occurring illness. The staff is aware that the mental illness may be driving the patient’s drug addiction, but they also know that drug addiction may be the cause of the mental illness. Whatever the case may be, patients learn in Hawaii dual diagnosis rehab centers not to self-medicate when symptoms of the mental illness arise.

Of the 6,618 people that entered drug rehab treatment centers in Hawaii in 2010, 53 percent received a dual diagnosis. The drugs that people sought help for the most were marijuana, amphetamines and prescription drugs, but studies show that drug-related deaths due to drugs are lower than the national average. Encouraging people to seek help from Hawaii dual diagnosis rehab centers will continue to keep Hawaii’s drug-related deaths down.

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